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This is for the dreamers. For the believers. For the ones who refuse to let hope die even when it’s darkest. In the midst of the chaos of 2020, the year of broken dreams and abandoned plans, Everdeen rises to the occasion, providing us with something we’re in dire need of: Pure, unfiltered emotion. In song form. For when all else goes down the drain, we still have the remedy that is their new record “Stay”, a record graced by an almost prophetic title in a year that brought the world to a grinding halt.

After having generated a considerable amount of buzz among Southern Germany’s prospering indie music scene, Everdeen is ready for the next step. Or leap, more like: With “Stay”, they once and for all shed the garments of melancholic, introvert indie dreamers only to reveal their true self beneath, embracing the world. Breathing both cosmopolitan chutzpah as well as ethereal longing, “Stay” boldly navigates to new horizons, discovering new territories and flavors for their otherworldly indie rock.




 SA 13.11 MUZ | Nürnberg
 FR 26.11 Pop & HipHop Nacht | Ostrach
 11.12 CLub ZentralStuttgart

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